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Student Conference-3th International Congress ANQUE-ICCE

Santander, June 17-18, 2019

Opening Ceremony: Meet the Professionals

Meet Young Engineers with brilliant professional careers! They will welcome us and share their experiences.

  • Dr. José Luis Fernández (Aditya Birla)
  • Dr. Vanesa Díaz (BSH)
  • Ing. Germán Rodriguez (Inovyn)



Test your Chemical Engineering knowledge in our greatest challenge, the Chem-E-Quiz!! Form your teams and face our three round contest. You have to be accurate and fast! Unit operations, chemical reaction engineering, separation processes, industrial chemistry and much more…

Awards for the best teams!!


Student Poster Competition


  • Knowledge, Education and Training
  • Unit Operations and Separation Processes
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Product Engineering and Advanced Materials
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Environmental and Sustainable Chemical Engineering

All accepted contributions will be published in an electronic book of abstracts with ISBN.

Awards for the best contributions!!!!


Chemical Cars Demonstration

Enjoy a demostration of chemical cars designed by chemical engineering Students

Closing Ceremony and Plenary conference:

Current challenges for young engineers.
Prof. Patricia Luis. UCLouvain (Belgium)

Workshops and Networking: build your future!

Workshop: Your future, your choice.

Dña. Laura Escabias
Senior European Recruitment Specialist -EMPRESA Pharmalex

In this Workshop, we will learn how to elaborate a successful CV and how to face a job interview paying attention to the most important factors for the specialists in talent attraction and Recruitment fields. We will dig deeper into our self-knowledge through some tools, we will be able to design our professional profile based on our skill-set, from the perspective of our technical skills (hard profile) and personal competencies (soft profile).

Workshop: Finally, I’m a Chemical Engineer. So what’s next? Tools for grant hunters.

Dr. Alicia Garcia-Acosta
PostDoctoral researcher. Chemical Engineering dept. UAM

In this workshop I will tell which are the current career opportunities for chemical engineers (with real examples). Furthermore, we will learn about several European grants and job search motors to boost your professional opportunities.

Workshop: Leadership and advanced management in the company of the future.

D. Fernando Sierra Hernández
Director Gerente EUSKALIT, Gestión Avanzada

No one knows how companies are going to be in the future... But many indications point to that they are not going to be as we know them today. At least the companies we'd like to work in! We are already seeing radical ways of approaching the strategy in the most advanced organizations, where customers play new roles, where the impact on society is considered in more detail, and above all, where the role of people working in those Organizations will be very different.

Workshop: Engineering for human development.

Dra. María Gomez, Dra. Maria Dolores Murcia, Dra. Mar Serrano
Chemical Engineering dept. Universidad de Murcia (ISF Murcia)
Dr. Valentín Gómez
(Universidad de Cantabria. ISF Cantabria)

In this workshop we will talk about the important role of Engineering to achieve a decent life for human beings. We will explain how Engineering is vital for human development, especially in the most impoverished countries. The role of the engineer in the field of cooperation will be discussed, as a professional option of increasing interest.


Enjoy Free beer and TAPAS in Santander. With all the participants.