A2. Unit Operations & Separation Processes

A3. Chemical Reaction Engineering

A4. Process Systems Engineering

A5. Product Engineering & Advanced Materials

A6. Applied Biotechnology

A7. Environmental & Sustainable Chemical Engineering

S1. Lignocellulosic wastes valorization

S2. Bioeconomy: renewable resources for energy and chemicals production

S3. Sustainable Development Goals: a challenge for Chemical Engineering

S4. Membranes for the Water-Food-Energy Nexus

S5. First International Young Researchers Symposium on Applications of Electrochemical Technology (IYRS-AET)

S6. Food process by-products valorization

S7. 1st Mediterranean Symposium on Life Cycle Assessment (MeSyLCA 2019)

S8. Molecular Modeling Applied to the Chemical Industry

S9. 4th European Conference on Fluidization

W1. Mitigation of the environmental impact of fluorinated gases

W2. Renewable Hydrogen Energy World

W3. Catalyst Deactivation and Regeneration (CD&R)

W4. Process simulation in academy, R+D+i and industry: Present and future