Your future, your choice

In this Workshop, we are going to learn how to elaborate a successful resume and how to face a job interview paying attention to the most important factors for the specialists in talent attraction and Recruitment fields. We will dig deeper into our self-knowledge through some tools, we will be able to design our professional profile based on our skill-set, from the perspective of our technical skills (hard profile) and personal competencies (soft profile). In this way, we will approach the professional market and improve our employability. Some tips, some do’s and don’ts to enhance ourselves on our leap into the professional world.

Laura Escabias
Senior European Recruitment Specialist
COMPANY Pharmalex

Laura is a graduate in Psychology and holds a Master's degree in Human Resources. Laura is passionate about recruitment and people's development; she has 3 years of experience in the Recruitment field, mainly linked to the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has been in the Recruitment and Talent& Development areas of AstraZeneca, has been a Life Sciences consultant in Randstad Professionals and now she manages the recruitment along the European entities of Pharmalex, a consultancy focused on the Pharma Sector providing services of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance.



Finally, I’m a Chemical Engineer… So what’s next?

It’s difficult enough to chose a Bachelor at eighteen. Now, after some tough years fighting against thermodynamics, reaction engineering and other magnificent beasts within Chemical Engineering, the abyss awaits… What am I supposed to do now?

Actually, there are plenty opportunities out there! But you must know how to search for them!

In this workshop I will tell which are the current career opportunities for chemical engineers (with real examples). Furthermore, we will learn about several European grants and job search motors to boost your professional opportunities.

Alicia L. Garcia Costa
Postdoctoral researcher
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Alicia is BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering by the University Autónoma de Madrid and the Rey Juan Carlos University. She balanced her master degree with a research contract in the Catalysis laboratory at Repsol. Once she got the taste for research, it was impossible to take her out of the lab, starting immediately at her PhD on intensified wastewater treatments thanks to a FPI-MINECO grant in the UAM. During her PhD she was granted twice by the Spanish government to attend foreign research units (U. Cincinnati, U. Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier) and also by the Make Our Planet Great Again program (U. Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier) in order to study photo- and electro-assisted oxidation processes for water treatment.



Leadership and advanced management in the company of the future

No one knows how companies are going to be in the future... But many indications point to that they are not going to be as we know them today. At least the companies we'd like to work in! We are already seeing radical ways of approaching the strategy in the most advanced organizations, where customers play new roles, where the impact on society is considered in more detail, and above all, where the role of people working in those Organizations will be very different.

Terms such as authority, participation, empowerment, equity or leadership will have a different interpretation from the current one, and they will require unconventional management. Organizations will need to evolve in order to identify, attract, retain and favor the evolution of talent, but people who want to work in those organizations are also going to have to work much more some skills... If you want to explore the Trends in organizations that are already shaping the future, join the workshop.

D. Fernando Sierra Hernández
Director Gerente EUSKALIT, Gestión Avanzada.

We are a group of organizations constituted as a Foundation, promoted by the Basque Government, to promote the advanced management in the Basque organizations, to contribute to their competitiveness and, thus, to the sustainable development of our community, all with a team of committed, professional and motivated people.



Engineering for Human Development

In this workshop we will talk about the important role of Engineering to achieve a decent life for human beings. We will explain how Engineering is vital for human development, especially in the most impoverished countries. The role of the engineer in the field of cooperation will be discussed, as a professional option of increasing interest.

We will comment on some real experiences of cooperation projects with technological and engineering base, carried out by the NGO Engineering Without Borders. And we will also deepen the role of Solidarity Engineering in the field of Education for Development.

Engineering Without Borders (EWB-Murcia)

Dra. Maria Gómez
Associate professor
Chemical Engineering Department (UMU)
Vocal education for development section ISF Murcia

Dra. Mar Serrano
Part time associate professor
Chemical Engineering Department (UMU)
Secretary ISF Murcia

Dra. Mª Dolores Murcia
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering Department (UMU)

Valen Gómez-Jáuregui
Profesor Ayudante Doctor en el Departamento de Ingeniería Geográfica y Técnicas de Expresión Gráfica (Universidad de Cantabria)
Presidente de Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Cantabria